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The beach is a coral sand beach with sea lions just 10 minutes away from the San Cristobal airport.

La Lobería is a piece of coast which owes its name to the large amount of sea lions (lobos marinos) resting on its rocks and beach. In spite of the fact that La Lobería is beyond the boundaries of the National Park, due to its importance the Park staff took over its maintenance and care.

Along the trail one will find button mangrove, white mangrove, chala, palo santo, Galapagos cotton, Tiquilia, mañana gloriosa and other species of the coastal area, such as cacho de chivo.

Visitors must be reminded to stay within the limits of the path in order not to step on any plants on the ground along the coastal trail.

Apart from sea lions, frigate birds and various types of finch can be observed. On the rocks, you will find the marine iguanas, adults and juveniles, not found anywhere else in the world.

One can tell male sea lions from female individuals by their size. Male sea lions are generally bigger and stronger and can weigh up to 250 kg/550 pounds when adult. Also, they have a protuberance on their head. Socially they form colonies or harems. Every colony consists of a dominant male and around 30 females, along with their pups. Sea lions are animals with a clear sense of territory. Adult males defend the borders of their territory against other males. They spend a large part of the day watching the borders and making a series of barking sounds in order to claim their territorial power. Sometimes sea lions may prove aggressive towards humans so a safe distance should always be maintained.


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